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Identification yarn PTc

Product manufactured according high performance features demanded by telecom cables. The PTc55-LS is a twisted and coloured high tenacity polyester yarn, used as an identification tool. With a value of tenacity higher than 0,55 Newton per TEX and shrinkage value close to 1,50%, the PTc55-LS is the best choice against problems appeared after extrude the hot jacket on cable.

Product also can be supplied with wide range of colours and with different twisting values under request, following Customer requirements.

Key features:
  • - very low shrinkage against temperature;
  • - flat fiber, with regular and continuous width and thickness, prevents damage on surface of loose tubes during binding process;
  • - smooth and soft, doesn’t create any interference in cable surface;
  • - first quality raw material;
  • - no dust during manipulation.
Download technical data sheet:

Identification yarn PTc
Identification yarn PTc

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