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Water blocking glass yarn FVPUW

A first quality fiberglass yarn is coated with polyurethane to obtain even aюhigher tensile strength at break than raw glass. Secondly, we apply an extra coating, made with last generation super absorbent polymer, giving to product the property to absorb and eliminate later any quantity of liquid which is in contact with yarn, as many times as it be necessary. The coating process also improves its quality in surface, because polyurethane eliminates the annoyed fibers that clearly identifies raw fiberglass without loose any initial property from the raw fiberglass.

Key features:
  • - excellent LASE resistances compared with other coated fibers;
  • - flat fiber, with regular and continuous width and thickness;
  • - smooth coating, doesn’t create any interference in cable surface;
  • - first quality raw material;
  • - no dust during manipulation, even being a water blocking fiber.
Download technical data sheet:
Water blocking glass yarn FVPUW
Water blocking glass yarn FVPUW

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